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Youth Rejuvenation System Products Line


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This multi-function botanical facial cleansing foam contains natural botanical herbs. Find out more about our skincare products here.



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"... But all that is over since I found your salon! My skin is firm, clear, shiny and youthful! I will be 58 years old at the end of this year and I think that more than ten years has been erased from my face. Your methods are PAINLESS, gentle and most of all, highly effective! ..."  Dr. Susan Klyber

Read more about our customers' testimonials here.

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Enjoy 10% discount on programs, plus 15% discount on all our beauty products by attending 3 sessions. Click here to find out more >>
America's Expo for Skincare and Spa
The America's Expo for Skincare and Spa 2006 was a great success. Thank you for your continuous support. We look forward to having you again next season.


Famous Hong Kong I-Cable Entertainment Limited Top Hair Dresser, Keena Ngai, has joined our BEX Salon as chief hairstylist. Call 630-719-1898 for appointment today.